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When fig.1 was founded 12 years ago we saw the potential of the app and we went all in. While many believed it was a passing phase, we were busy at the forefront developing 'apps for that.' Our experience has brought us to the leading edge in solving today's challenges: slowing the progress of COVID-19, connecting small businesses with financial guidance to bounce back, helping people around the world learn and improve through diversity and inclusion platforms and enabling logistic companies make their drivers' lives easier and more profitable.

Creative Mobile  

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Contact Tracing

By downloading this app, you’re protecting your own health, you’re protecting the health of your loved ones and the health of your community and workplace. Let's work with Apple/Google to eliminate COVID -19.

Logistics– Driver App / Portal

We look forward to partnering with your team on automation and BI projects to help further modernize your workflow.

Marsh & McLennan Companies

FIG.1 has release their elearning platform for a fortune 200 business.


fig.1 and Bulkmatic have been in development of a mobile application to support their drivers in receiving, accepting, and confirming shipping information since 2019. 'Tank Wash' logistics mobile application completed and rolled out in 2019.

The Hub Group - Driver App

This mobile application is readily accessed from the road or wherever the driver may be working. It interfaces with Hub's logistics platform to capture and analyze delivery data in real-time to send back to Hub for a more efficient load assignment, more engaged owner operators and added ROI to the Hub client base.