Voice & Messaging

the power of technology is in our hands, and now our voices.

Let your customers guide the experience.

We’ve all been there. You spend months iterating on different marketing strategies and you finally find a new strategy that works. But the moment you start to scale it, the growth grinds to a halt.

First movers gain the largest share in digital channels.  So at fig1, we are obsessively experimenting with new frontiers in customer acquisition. We were early in mobile apps as marketing tools and have spent the past two years building acquisition funnels on voice and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Alexa, and Google Home.

What is your messaging strategy?

Think for a minute about how you connect with the most important people in your life. Chances are you are using some type of messaging app for this type of communication, so it is no surprise that marketers can achieve 80% engagement rates with sophisticated campaigns on apps like Facebook Messenger. This is increasingly where meaningful conversations happen!

fig1 has built immersive chatbot experiences for everything from selling yogurt to recruiting new employees. Let us build and maintain your messaging strategy to create deeper connections with customers.

How are you connecting in the home?

If you are like most companies, you have probably invested heavily in content over the past few years. Google Assistant and Alexa Home provide a direct channel to unlock new value from your content investment through simple voice experience.

We help clients understand voice opportunities, limitations, and most importantly, methods for transitioning voice interactions into customers.

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