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Building the perfect funnel

We’ve spent the past 10 years building and launching direct to consumer products. You name it: we had apps in 2008; IoT devices starting in 2013; and chatbots starting in 2016. Each experience had one thing in common - without effective funnels your company cannot grow. This realization led to our quest to becoming experts in all things customer acquisition.

What is your acquisition experience?

The fig1 team starts each engagement with acquisition funnel analysis - we identify the bottlenecks, the opportunities, and the patterns that will enable you to unlock new growth. Creating a natural, frictionless way for customers to discover, explore, and engage with your product is essential to success.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a funnel. We can help there too.  


  • ‍Social Media conversion strategies
  • ‍Search campaigns


  • Landing pages
  • Content marketing


  • Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)
  • Chatbot Development & Maintenance (Messenger, Slack)
  • Email Marketing

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