Put your paid growth on autopilot.

At fig1, we help companies thrive in the Direct to Consumer economy.

Direct growth channels, like Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon, combined with rich consumer data sets are completely changing the marketing landscape. We are here to help you navigate by replacing expensive distribution and marketing costs with effective, data driven campaigns. Let’s take a look at the fig1 approach to paid growth campaigns.  

What do you know about your customers?

Data is at the foundation of all of our campaigns. fig1 works with product teams to make sure they have the infrastructure to efficiently collect new data on buying behaviors, opinions, and individual consumer data. Data gives us the flexibility to implement robust, personalized direct to consumer campaigns. 

  • Audience modeling and planning 
  • Data management platform implementation
  • Comprehensive marketing dashboards and BI tools

Our acquisition toolkit

We've spent the past 10 years driving users, consumers, and new customers into our own products. Our team is experience in driving ROI through the following channels: 

  • Facebook Ads Platform
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Google Paid Search

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