We are experiencing change in every possible way at this moment in time. Some changes may be temporary and others are greatly overdue and will bring about a new world.

At fig.1 we thrive on change. We embrace the unknown. We are excited by problems that haven’t yet been solved. Not because we know everything, but because we love the process of figuring it out.

We founded our company when we saw the world going mobile. Some people thought that was crazy. Though that’s always the case when trying a new way. Pioneering new paths through change takes vision + flexibility, humility + confidence, strategy + experimentation and a team willing to jump through the fire together to forge a better future.

In recent years digital transformation has been driving change through organizations. Those who invested in digital early are reaping rewards, while others are struggling to catch up amid chaos.

Today we know that transformation doesn’t - and shouldn’t - happen overnight. Companies achieve the most success when they transform through a series of strategic improvements that evolve together.

fig.1 helps businesses move quickly through change. We help identify the right opportunities without weighing down every part of the organization. Whether it’s an app clip that delivers a better brand experience for users or developing interactive diversity & inclusion that drives real change or a helping companies reduce the spread of Covid-19, we are grateful to be at the forefront of the most important shifts in our lifetime.

Fortunately, we have spent years getting comfortable with change and we are ready to go. Join us to figure out what’s next...